Thursday, August 25, 2016


Two faces stand before the door,

                                        Naked and vulnerable.

They plead, first softly,   than a scream.

To be admitted and to admit.

Born into a world
                                that told me who to be.
Born into a world
                                 that kept me locked inside.
I always felt the shadow,
                                    the warm breath on my neck
invisible but ever present, ever near.

But still I kept him hidden,
                                       in the billows of my heart.

So easy to hide.............that other self.

Just close my eyes and be what they expect. I know each moment hidden in the fog.

will hide the beauty that's within.

                                 two faces escapes into the night.

Come out true self, come out and join the journey.

Believe that those who meet you first,

will bring you home to stay,

I love you dear self,

I love you and I will protect.


Standing in the middle of the Forest,

Feet firmly planted on the crisp and
                         crunchy pathway that leads home.

The last leaf is layered like a carpet beneath

the tall oak tree.

Bowing to it's  majesty and grandeur.

Remembering lush green days of springtime,

 limbs flit and fluttering in the early winter breeze.

Remembering the tapestry of color

weaving its heart through the landscape.

So rich in hue that only God's

palette could hold

                            the rich and
regal spectrum we call Fall.

I look up, up up up to the one lone

leaf hanging on,

                              not quite ready to
give into the winter winds.

With arms stretched up to heaven,

the tall oak trees point to God
                         pointing back to them.

Listen!   Listen!

In the silence of the forest I hear
                         God's symphony
the song of nature.

I hear the thump  thump  thump
             of a loving heart .
Feeling the presence of God.

The presents of God,
       wrapped in brightly colored
ribbons ....
Ready to be unwrapped.

The hymn is clear and simple,
    God is in this moment and
this moment is in God.

A walk into the woods is a walk

into God's sanctuary.

The sanctuary that God calls home.


As legacy's go, they will live on to be her legacy.

                                                   A gift left to the world.

An inheritance worth more than gold and jewels.

Each benefactor will testify, with their life and courage,
                                             to the woman  they called Mom.

Each will stand tall and give support to me

and each other,
                         because that is who we are.

I can not promise that I will ever quit
                                    grieving for the love of my life.

But the day will come when I will hear her small voice

insisting that I......

                                 get on with it.

Until than I will unfold the memories

and celebrate the living and loving what we shared.

I will try to give back the courage and

                             the loving heart that filled her breast

and surrounded her life and spilled over into mine

                                              and to those who knew her.

Grief never ends...but changes over time.

Grief is a passage,
                            not a place to live.

Grief is not a sign of weakness,
                                                  not a lack of faith.

Grief is the price of love.


Through the misty pain of tears,

I call His name.    God oh God!

You fill my heart, you overflow in my very being
Just being.  I am filled with your warmth

Flowing into my breast, I know you are there.

I feel, I feel you, in my choked up throat.

In the very depths of my  stomach.

I am engulfed in the sunlight of your loving heart.

In the breeze of this day, I can faintly smell the

sweat and perspiration  on your brow.

Holding up the weighted past and future generations,

only to be ignored or forgotten in the midst of

life and turmoil, can only bend your arms low.

But you stand tall, like a beacon on  a cold dark night.

You stand firm like the mountains lifting me up and shielding

me from the winds of life.

You blow through our lives like wind, lifting us above.

God, the creator, creating love in a loveless world.

Asking only that we guard and guide His creation

for now and for eternity.

God you are like my Mother, creating life and soul from within

your very being.

I call you Father, oh Father, because that is where life has led me.

Whatever name I call you, whatever picture I paint of you in

my minds eye, is worth nothing unless I allow you to live within

my soul.

The pain I feel, is your pain.   The love I yearn for is your love.

The Spirit I treasure is your Spirit.

God oh God,

                God oh God,

                                    God oh God!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It Is Not I

It is not but God, the Spirit
                                              bellowing through
    pushing,                                      tossing,


Un relentless.

Gentle as a whisper on a child's cheek

Awesome as a windmill drawing water from the

Lifting.                      sailing

Carried toward a new and glorious place and
                                       I must bow to His call..
even for a time.

A sacred spear of life in total turmoil with itself...
         needs a carver to chisel down the layers
                                                   of grief and misunderstandings.

         Can I be the chisel or am I that which is to be

Crack me open.......
          Help me  to find the perfect  peace that comes from
                                                                                            Knowing God.

Fill me with passion and presence
              so I overflow with
                                           a need to embrace the Spirit.

                                                       and spill that embrace into the world.

Three Angels stand at the door...
     Hope in a place that is hopeless.
           Hunger in a world that is filled.
                 Love that joins hands
                                                   across the borders.
I embrace....I become..
                               .I am the tear on God's dear cheek.

I have no choice but to listen....
                                                   .I am because God is.