Friday, December 22, 2017

Dave's Empty Chair

I stand there....looking at the empty chair.
He  was silenced too soon, 
I look out to faces,
people  I love.    Can I sing? How can I even see through the tears?  How can  the music go on?
I stand there looking at the empty chair.....
And I sing.
Singing  about God's love. 
I believe.
                 even when God is silent.
He believed. 
                      He believed in God.
He believed in hope. 
He believed in love. 
He believed  in a  God
               that loved all His children
                      no matter who they loved.
I will forever miss his humor. I will  forever be filled  with memories and the comfort in my soul of knowing my life is changed because I knew Dave.
I stand there....
              looking at the empty chair.
Tears will dry but I am certain his smile will remain on our hearts.
Yes I will sing...  because in singing God's love 
                 .....his song goes on.